Nowadays, coaches, managers, senior managers, employees, trainers, social workers, but also anyone accompanying other people are confronted with many cultural, technical, relational and strategic changes that have an impact on themselves but also on everyone they meet.

A process of reflection with a Supervisor will help you to be more aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, to take a perspective on events and people, but also to explore, develop and finally become aware of who you are. “Discover and value what, when, for what and for whom. That’s what makes people who they are: a unique person.

Supervision … is creating a space of trust, dialogue, exploration where all the people in our system can be taken into consideration. It is also about having a deep reflection on who we are, to observe our interactions, and to develop our skills and our posture as a coach.

There is no single way to describe what Supervision is. For me it’s a way to describe a process of reflection, curiosity and support. Supervision enhances one’s own self-knowledge – whether it’s in one’s practice, in one’s own internal conversation, and in one’s thinking.

Supervision also highlights the effects of space dynamics between all those around us and ourselves as well as the key elements of the larger system. As a result, it allows us to look beyond content in context – these contexts could be relational, organizational and economic.

Supervisors often refer to the relief of having the time and space to reflect on particular aspects of your work, your situation and especially to think with a trusted partner who will generatively explore your practices and contribute to your own development.