Antonino Musumeci

My leitmotif  “Discover and value our what, when, for what and for whom; that’s what makes us who we are: a unique person. “

With more than 25 years of experience in human capital development, I gained extensive experience in the world of human resources and individual development, leadership development, change management, project management, project management, mergers and acquisitions, the development of strong potentials as well as human resources consulting.

After starting an apprenticeship with the Swiss Railways, I moved into the field of human resources and worked for national and international companies where I held various positions at both regional and EMEA level. I obtained several diplomas in human resources and I pursued my professional training with the Program for Executive Development (PED) at IMD Lausanne as well as in the world of coaching.

I speak fluently French, Italian, English and German.

Coach Supervisor Executive Coach Affiliate Dilts Group Strategy (DSG) Assessor ICF Master in Communication & Leadership Professional Coach PCC / ICF Mentor Coach Trainer Professional coach IDC Trainer Corporate Coach IDC Trainer Master IDC Program Leader Coaching Supervision Academy Switzerland & France

– Professional Certified coach IDC 2012 Geneva

– Master Communication & Leadership IDC 2013 Geneva

– Master Practitioner NLP 2014 NLPU Santa Cruz USA

– Affiliate Dilts Group Strategy – SFM 1 – SFM 2 – SFM 3 2016 DSG Santa Cruz USA

– Diploma Coach Supervisor 2017 CSA London

– Generative Consulting 2018 DSG Santa Cruz USA

– Program Leader Coaching Supervision Academy Switzerland & France 2018

Dorothy Atcheson

I get tremendous pleasure from the collaborative learning partnerships I co-create with other coaches, and from resourcing them to harness deeper confidence, trust in their intuition and unleash more creativity and power in their work.

I am privileged to be part of the international faculty team delivering the CSA diploma in the UK, the US and Switzerland. I offer individual and group supervision for coaches around the world via Skype / Zoom, as well as in person sessions in London.

Described by my clients as “empathetic”, “non-judging”, “insightful” and “calm”, I hold a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation with the International Coaching Federation and work with private individuals, executives and teams in a variety of sectors, including commercial companies, charities, government and the arts.

My coaching clients are, as I once was, primarily senior leaders and driven achievers in the creative industries. My supervisees are similar – determined to bring their best to their practice and the profession.

I am specially trained in systems – working with organisations, teams and groups of all kinds – and I take a “systems-inspired” approach to all of my coaching, facilitation and supervision. I particularly enjoy reflecting with team coaches and others immersed in complex organisational settings or exploring the intricacies of group dynamics.

In recent years, I have begun to develop what I call “systems supervision” – reflecting with a team or consultancy of coaches on their programme of coaching or leadership development within another organisation. Much can happen when a system meets another system – and like a lot of our work as supervisors and coaches – much of it lies out of our conscious awareness.

In every individual and group supervision session, I endeavour to create a safe and open place to come exactly as you are – without judgment – to explore, discover, replenish and blossom.


Karyn Prentice

I feel enormously lucky that the work I do is the work I love. This shows up in creating a compelling and positive environment for learning, growing and discovery. My work is noted for being memorable and for making a difference. I am known for going the extra mile and adding real value having built a long track record with my clients over many years.

I engage with vitality with the widest audience at all levels with warmth, intuition and a motivational style. I encourage people to explore and discover increased resourcefulness in themselves, uncovering talents that may have been eclipsed over time and build their teams and businesses.

All my work falls under the umbrella of communication and relationships. Everything we do is about communication. It’s about the messages we give to ourselves about what we think we can or can’t do. It’s the dialogue with another individual, with teams or across an organisation. Every conversation we have makes a difference even if we don’t always recognise it.

At the end of the day everything is about how we relate to ourselves or others in terms of our awareness, regard and behaviour. Relationships underpin everything we do, don’t do, or dream of doing. How we cross the bridge from our world to meet others in theirs with real presence, creates the chance for optimal engagement in our conversations.

Communication and relationship link strategically and creatively to the vision of the future and our performance across roles and in our individual lives. This is an art and a craft to be continually honed. In the fullest sense of life it brings meaningful connection in ourselves and with others.