Competence Assessment and Career Assessment
  • Explore the motivations of the candidate, and analyze the fit between his / her profile and the culture of your company.
  • To make the person aware of his mode of operation and to make a fine diagnosis of his strengths and development points, and to accompany him in his professional orientation.
  • Evaluate the mobility trails, with regard to the personality and the motivations of the individual.


Individual or Group Assessment
  • For a better knowledge of the individual, his / her talents, motivations, skills and preferred working environment,
  • Position each member of a team in relation to 16 personality types at work, identifying how they interact with others and understanding their activity,
  • Provide a powerful basis for analyzing the roles, complementarities between each member of a team and the functioning of the team,
360° Assessment
  • Evaluation and development of skills of managers,
  • To confront the individual’s own perception with that of his or her professional entourage, and provides a powerful basis for the reflection of his or her progress.
  • Explore in depth the individual’s professional style.
Leadership Assessment
  • Leadership assessments of senior or emerging executives,
  • Evaluate the best talent to determine their skills, strengths and areas of professional development,
  • Identify gaps between the current competencies of a management team and those that are necessary for the future.


Recruitement Assessment
  • Helps identify the match between skill needs of the company and those of the candidates to succeed in the role.
  • Evaluation process to measure each candidate against the critical needs of the organization and determine how each individual will complement the talent of the leadership team.